Staff Commitments
· Meet regularly to evaluate and analyze data that will drive our instruction using formative and summative assessments.

· Align instruction to prescribed standards and engage all students with meaningful learning activities.

· Work collaboratively to strive for 85% of all students to achieve mastery of grade level standards. We will provide reteach, interventions, and enrichment to students who need extra support.

· Continually strive for parent involvement at school, home and throughout the community to help improve student achievement.

· Communicate effectively and in a timely manner with students, staff, and families so that all involved have the same understandings.

· Emphasize positive reinforcement, provide clear expectations and start each day as a new day.

· Provide safe, caring, and supportive learning environment for all students (to take academic risks), staff, and families.

· Support, comfort and celebrate each other so that individually and as a professional team we will grow by engaging in collective inquiry.
Our Programs
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A PreK to 3rd grade school focused on young learners; Scientifically research-based programs in Reading; Structured English Immersion; Daily lessons for each student on computer-based supplemental programs in Reading and Math/Science; Detailed Curriculum calendars in Reading, Writing, and Math; Library Assistant, Family Liaison; Curriculum Service Provider, On-site Counselor, and partners with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe; Explorer, First Things First, & and a PACE pre-school class.
Photo Gallery
Kindergarten Fire Safety   |   Enjoy our Johnson Primary Collage!
 kindergarteners learning about fire safety           collage of johnson k3