Staff Directory

Administration and Office Staff
Rosaisela "Rose" Cota
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Lilly Vasquez
Office Manager
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Patricia Quevedo
Att/Reg Tech
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Michele Bennett
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Reily Blankinship
Health Assistant
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Ex. Education Team
Dr. Carlos Dejud
School Psychologist
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Gary Pete
CCS Resource
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Dina Gamez
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Sarah Johnson
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Connie Canant
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Preschool Teachers
Virginia Llamas
Pre School Teacher
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Paula Valencia
Pre School Teacher Assistant
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Stephanie Gomez
Pre School Teacher
Contact Stephanie Gomez by Email (coming soon)

Maria Enriquez
Pre School Teacher Assistant
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Gabby Corrales
Pre School Teacher Assistant
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Veronica "Roni" Altamirano
Curriculum Service Provider/Assessment Coordinator
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Felicia Martinez
MTSS Facilitator
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Kim Martin
Reading Interventionist
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Zulma Morales
Reading Interventionist
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Thelma Ruiz
Reading Recovery
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Tamara Smith
Library Assistant 
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Emily Plessas
Behavioral Specialist
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Suzette Madril
Community and Family Liaison
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Gina Hunter
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Tara Amy
OMA Opening Minds through the Arts Teacher
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Anita Cuellar
Native American Student Support Specialist
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Kindergarten Teachers
Amanda Alvarado
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Tony Morales
Contact Tony Morales by Email

Maria Rodriguez
Contact Maria Rodriguez  by Email

Linda Islava
Kinder Teacher Assistant
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First Grade Teachers
Mackenzie Braun
Contact Mackenzie Braun by Email

Natalie Cardenas
Contact Natalie Cardenas by Email

Alexa Stiller
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Angelica Ocejo
First Teacher Assistant 
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Second Grade Teachers
Amanda Delgado
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Jennifer Krumholz
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Natassja Saylor
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Lorena Pena
Second Grade Teacher Assistant
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Third Grade Teachers
Gabriella Campas
Contact Gabriella Campas by Email

Elaina Leon
Contact Elaina Leon by Email

Ty Quam
Contact Ty Quam by Email

Celeste Campas
Third Grade Teacher Assistant
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Christine Lopez
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Maria Vasquez
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